Ask anyone if they like negative campaign adds and they will surely say no. So why are negative campaign adds so effective? Why do people still respond to them? It is just another result of the overuse of DT. In a world where DT is automatically suspect, negative campaign adds would carry much less weight. The goal of understanding who a candidate is, what he/she stands for and what he/she will do if elected will not as easily be usurped by the dichotomous question “Do I like this person?”  or “Would I want this person as my friend?”  There is a move towards undoing the devastating effect of the Citizens United decision on our democracy. The inappropriate influence of money on our political system is also an important issue to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Unfortunately, this is only part of the problem. The real enemy is simple mindedness. As long as simple mindedness dominates the general population, it will dominate our political system.