It is true that the US government would never tolerate a significant portion of the US population vulnerable to rocket attacks. It is also true that it would never tolerate 100% of the population living under occupation and subject to control by a foreign power. No one can deny that people have a right to “defend” themselves.

Targeted airstrikes may decrease the total number of terrorist leaders and the total amount of munitions, but does it really bring us closer to the day when Palestinians become serious about peace? Will Palestinian rockets ever bring us closer to the day the Israelis become serious about peace?

Will the innocent victims in Gaza blame Hamas or the Israelis? Does blame do any good? I think it can if it is aimed correctly. The group that deserves the “blame” is the small minded. There are small minded individuals on both sides of the border. They conspire together to promote their way of thinking. Every Palestinian rocket and every Israeli airstrike has the same effect. They support the small minded and undermine the problem solvers. Until more people start to question the way we think, to question the fundamental way we use information, there is no hope of solving problem like this.