What will dissuade “radicalized” individuals like those who perpetrated the attack on Charlie Hebdo from carrying out such action in the future?  Criticism from the west? Criticism from clerics they view as puppets of the west? Arguments about morality?

Presumably, the goal of these terrorists was to discourage disrespect for the Prophet Mohammad. Their actions have called world attention to a publication that, up to now, has had a very small circulation. The “offensive” cartoons are being disseminated in even greater numbers. They have promoted anti-Muslim sentiment and violence around the world.

Terrorists are victims of DT. They are overwhelmed by it. The way to decrease the spread of terrorism and radicalization is to address the underlying problem, DT. The more we teach people, especially, young children, how easily DT leads to unwanted consequences, the harder it will be to radicalize them. Terrorist will stop being terrorists when they realize how counterproductive it is.