The main goal of this site is to point out the deleterious effects of the overuse of DT. There can be no better example of this then the recent shooting in Garland Texas. Under the guise of free speech, a group encourages children to mock the Prophet Muhammad.  The result: among the countless number of appropriately infuriated Muslims, two take up arms in an attempt to commit mass murder. DT amplifying DT.

Had there not been a shooting, we never would have heard about the “Draw Muhammad Contest.” Now that there was a shooting, DT completely shields the organizers from any criticism. Any suggestion that such a contest is ridiculous, divisive, hateful or counter-productive is met with the questions “Are you suggesting it was our fault?” “Are you suggesting this contest justifies the mass murder the two shooters were planning to commit?”

In the world I envision, proposing a “Draw Muhammad Contest” among children would not be met with dichotomous statements like “Hey you are being a racist” or “Hey you are being a redneck.”  It would be met with the questions “What is the problem for which a ‘Draw Muhammad Contest’ is the solution?” “Will this contest aid in the fight against terrorism?” “Will it bolster the arguments of reasonable Muslims trying to dissuade would-be terrorists?” No one would need to point out the obvious truth that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

In the world I envision, terrorism would not be gone immediately, but the echoing of dichotomous noise would be universally accepted as the root cause of terrorism and every effort would be made on both sides of the religious divide to dampen that noise.