Plans to behead Pamela Geller are just another phase in the ongoing mutual support between her and Islamic terrorists. It may seem counter-intuitive to see a death threat as a call for support, but that is what it is. By threatening her, they support her. They add to her notoriety. They support Islamaphobia, her principal cause. A death threat makes it difficult for problem-solvers on either side to argue against her inflammatory actions. In her own words the death threat “has given [her] greater resolve.”

Pamela Geller deserves the death threat as a form of thank you for all the support she has given to Islamic terrorists. That is not to say that she deserves to die, only that the terrorist owe her one. No one was happier to see her “Draw the Prophet Contest” than the terrorists. It strengthened their resolved and bolstered their arguments. It was an excuse for “Martyrs” to go to their graves. It counters the efforts of Islamic problem-solvers to build trust. Over-all, that contest supported their fundamental goals.

DT is the glue that binds Pamela Geller and Islamic terrorists in their mutual battle against problem-solvers. On the surface they may claim to be enemies and, in truth, they may both be too stupid to recognize the nature of their mutual support. In reality, they are comrades fighting for the same thing, the victory of small-mindedness over problem-solving.