DT Links

An educator’s perspective:

The Danger of Dichotomous Thinking  by Judith Lloyd Yero



Psychotherapists’ perspective:

The Tyranny of Two – Dichotomous Thinking by
Karl Albrecht

Argumentative? Dichotomies in conversations lead
to arguments not solutions
  by William Hambleton Bishop



Development and Validation of the Dichotomous
Thinking Inventory
by Atsushi Oshio

A survey to measure dichotomous thinking, SOCIAL BEHAVIOR AND PERSONALITY, 2009,37(6), 729-742


DICHOTOMOUS THINKING: A PROBLEM BEYOND NHST (Null hypothesis significance testing)  by Jerry Lai

Statistics and p-values


The Benefits of Dichotomous Thinking by Stephen J. Ardent

A religious perspective


Dichotomous thinking. All or nothing. Good or bad. Wonderful or evil.

A political perspective



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