First, find a way to teach children that we all have a Big Brain and a Little Brain. The post on 09/01/2015 has more on things to teach children.

Next, point out any time you see dichotomous thinking interfering with problem-solving or higher forms of analysis. This can be done with or without using the word “dichotomous”


Here are some DIRECT ways to work the word dichotomous into a conversation:

That (way of thinking) is too dichotomous for me.

This is all just a lot of dichotomous noise.

What a dichotomous blunder!!

(and of course) That is a false dichotomy.

Here are some INDIRECT ways to point out the overuse of dichotomous thinking by a third party:

Notice the dichotomous assumption.

Notice the dichotomous implication.

Dichotomous thinking makes stupid people stupider.

You are the victim of dichotomous thinking.




DICHOTOMATICITY: a relative measure of how dichotomous an
argument or train of though is.

(high end)

Its about me, forget everyone else.

Its about me and my family, forget everyone else.

Its about me, my family and my group/community/nation/people, forget everyone else.

I don’t like/trust/care about THOSE people.

Its about all of humanity. I care about all of my fellow humans.

Its about our planet and all its inhabitants.

(low end)


(high end)

I’m right, your wrong. I’m great, you suck! Kill the bad guy.

We’re right they’re wrong. We’re great they suck! Let’s go to war.

Whose fault is it? Who can we blame? Put them in jail.

Where do we agree and where do we disagree?

What is the nature of the problem and how can we work together to solve it?

(low end)

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