Values and Vision


As a theist, I value promoting the Will of God on earth.

As a human, I value human life and the survival of our species.


In the world I envision, dichotomous thinking will not be a thing of the past, but it will automatically be seen with suspicion. The rejection of overly dichotomous statements will be a knee-jerk reaction.  Simple-minded arguments along the lines of “we’re great, they suck” will carry almost no weight.

Most of our fundamental problems will still exist, but the number of people asking “what is the nature of the problem and how do we address it?” will far outnumber those asking  “whose fault is it? Who do we blame?” We will still have war and terrorism, but it will be much harder to instigate them. We will still have poverty, crime and substance abuse, but they will be treated as a problems to be addressed not as the results of bad or lazy people. We will still have greed and environmental pollution, but the partisan bickering that prevents us from arriving at rational policies will no longer be tolerated by anyone.  In the world I envision, racism will be seen as the dichotomous noise that it is.


One thought on “Values and Vision

  1. Agree. Without racism we will have a better planet…..and I like your Vision and Values. Of course I am only Human so I keep things simple also – hence the need for a Mediterranean Ocean

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