You and I are two of the seven billion plus people on the planet. We breathe the same air, we drink the same water and we are subject to the same natural laws. As a result, we share a lot of common problems. I am convinced that the overuse of dichotomous/dualistist/black-and-white thinking at the expense of cortical based goal-oriented thinking is the greatest enabler of and the single most important barrier to solving all of our most fundamental problems as a species.



Most formal definitions of dichotomous thinking are framed within the context of mental health and focus on the ignoring of the grey zones. I am not trying to redefine DT but to broaden the usage of the term and to point that DT also leads to ignoring the greater complexity of color (problem solving) which goes beyond the linear black-grey-white spectrum.

Wikipedia:   Dichotomous thinking also known as all-or-none thinking or black and white thinking is a type of thinking or cognition in which a person classifies something into two absolute categories rather than a range or spectrum between two categories (“shades of gray”).

Kristalyn Salters-Pedneault, PhD, Expert in borderline personality disorder,
Dichotomous thinking is also sometimes called “black or white thinking.” This is when someone is only able to see the extremes of a situation, and is unable to see the “gray areas” or complexities of the situation. For example, a student who engages in dichotomous thinking may believe that if they don’t get an “A” in class then they have failed.




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  1. I find your website to be more intellectually stimulating than most. The irony is marvelous…a website dedicated to fighting small mindedness called Instead of left vs. right or better vs. worse, it’s small minded vs. open minded. I love it!

    I attempt to resolve the internal human conflict differently, however. Humans are completely unique on this planet. We have not evolved to be at equilibrium with our environment. Our extremely complex brains allow us to develop sciences and mechanisms other species cannot come close to replicating, yet we lack the forethought to do create systems that will allow future generations to similarly enjoy this Earth. It is a set up for disaster, and simply could not have come about through natural selection alone.

    I encourage you to visit to learn more about why we are so different from all other life on Earth. Thank you for this blog. I will return to it to see your updates.


    Charles Orange

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